On The Line is the #1 promoter in Japan, having promoted and/or produced over 400 concerts and events which were attended by over 3 million people in 2006. Our artist roster is made up of many top Japanese pop artists, and our productions include various other concert events, festivals and non-musical productions. Through our high volume of productions, we have established excellent relationships with the various media in Japan and can offer promotional synergies which other local promoters cannot offer. Our activities are not strictly domestic, as we have promoted shows overseas in Asia and are continuing to expand our Asian network. No other promoter in Japan can offer the broad variety of services that On The Line can.

Much of On The Line's success is from the promotion of our roster of Japanese artists. We offer a diverse range of artists, from Japanese pop stars SMAP, Ayumi Hamasaki and Mika Nakashima, to the rock sound of Kyosuke Himuro and Tomoyasu Hotei, and to the contemporary classical sound of Taro Hakase and Gontiti. Not fixed on any one genre of music, we have thorough promotional knowledge of all markets of music.

Not content with only the domestic market, On The Line has also been actively involved in the promotion of major overseas artists such as Paul McCartney and The Backstreet Boys. Domestic Japanese artists make up approximately 90% of the ticket sales for concerts in Japan, so having the strongest domestic roster allows us the opportunity to offer overseas artists opportunities not available through other overseas artist based promoters. Our festival productions such as Live Image and Jonetsu Tairiku have successfully brought together Japanese and overseas artists on the same stage.

We have been proactive in entering other Asian markets in order to capitalize on the vast popularity of Japanese pop music and the lack of a strong Asian promoter network. We have produced shows in Korea and Taiwan, and we have plans to produce shows in other markets such as Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing in the near future. We are working towards creating an Asian network where we can route tours of our Japanese artists and produce complete Asian tours for other overseas artists. Similarly, we have been active in marketing Korean talent in Japan, as demonstrated by our gala Hanryu All-Star Summit in September 2005, and Korean actor Byung-Hun Lee's headlining event in the 55,000 seat Tokyo Dome in May 2006.

With our strong roster of Japanese artists and our increasing presence overseas, we are excited about our prospects for the future. In only six years, we have attained a level of recognition and respect which has allowed for us to significantly expand our activities. We are confident that our persistence will result in even more success and expansion of our business.