We provide value for our customers, sponsors and record labels by offering multiple artists on the same bill with a similar fan base. Some examples are:
- We have developed numerous record label showcases, including the a-nation tour and the Epic 25 festival. A summer festival featuring popular Avex label artists such as Ayumi Hamasaki, Kumi Koda and TRF, a-nation has drawn over 1,300,000 people over four years.
- We have created tours of Japan featuring artists appearing in popular CD compilation series for image by Sony Classical Records and Best Classics on Toshiba-EMI Records. Unique in its integration of hi-quality visuals in a classical medium, image tours have drawn over 400,000 people in its seven annual tours.
- We work closely with sponsors to develop special events such as the Kyosuke Himuro + GLAY Swing Addiction co-headlining concerts in the 60,000 seat Ajinomoto Stadium, in conjunction with Wonda Coffee. Other work with corporate sponsors include the annual Jonetsu Tairiku festival with Mazda and Kinoshita, and the Yumeuta collaboration with DHC and local Niigata promoter Kyodo Hokuriku.
- We produced two celebrity events for designer Samantha Thavasa featuring the Hilton sisters, Korean actor Byung-Hun Lee and the Miss Universe Japan finalists as a hybrid fashion/music production in the 10,000 seat Yokohama Arena.


In conjunction with major Kyodo Tokyo productions, On The Line has been actively involved in the booking and promotion of popular overseas artists,including:
- Boyz II Men: 2007 Japan Tour: 7 cities, 8 shows, 20,000 attendance
- Madonna: 2006 Japan Tour: 4 stadium shows, 140,000 attendance
- Backstreet Boys: 2002 and 2004 Japan Tours: 10 shows, 280,000 attendance
- Paul McCartney: 2003 Japan Tour:5 stadium shows, 240,000 attendance
- Britney Spears: 2002 Japan Tour: 1 stadium show, 55,000 attendance
- Janet Jackson: 2002 Japan Tour: 4 stadium shows, 160,000 attendance
- Lauryn Hill: 2002 World Cup Concert appearance: 1 stadium show, 60,000 attendance


By maintaining a close relationship with business partners throughout Asia,we offer a variety of tours and special events featuring artists popular in Japan and abroad in neighboring Asian countries.
- We produced a sold-out headlining event by Korean actor Byung-Hun Lee in the 55,000 seat Tokyo Dome in May 2006, and his nationwide arena tour in November 2007. We also handle the domestic tours of Korean superstars BoA,Ryu Siwon and Tohoshinki.
- Our Hanryu All-Star Summit brought together the most popular Korean actors and singers over two concerts, a unique collaboration with the Japanese and Korean government and media. The show was a local phenomena, with over 100,000 people applying for a total of 24,000 tickets.
- In addition to producing the domestic Japanese tours of Namie Amuro and Ayumi Hamasaki, we have produced their performances in Taipei, Shanghai,Seoul and Hong Kong.


We have developed a successful model of producing festivals for popular Japanese animation programs. By integrating live readings of original anime by the original voiceover cast alongside live performances of music appearing in the anime series, we have created a community-building event model which can be used for any popular anime.
- Our Nodame Orchestra anime version concerts at the Tokyo International Forum in 2007 drew over 15,000 people over three shows.
- Our Sony Music Anime Festival in 2006 drew over 50,000 people, for events featuring such popular anime series as Gundam Seed & Destiny, Bleach, Blood, Gintama and Project Eureka.
- Our MBS Anime Festival'05 drew over 15,000 people in Osaka,featuring various anime featured on the MBS television network.
- We have produced headlining performances for T.M. Revolution at anime festivals Otakon 2003 and the Pacific Media Expo 2004 in the United States.